Picking up the pace for Top Goal Scorer in LaLiga – Cristiano Ronaldo

Top Goal Scorer: Since the first half of season  Cristiano Ronaldo seems silent as he was not able to silence his critics like he used to do in previous seasons.

But it seems like Cristiano Ronaldo has found his rhythm in getting into the scoring charts with his 2 braces against Paris Saint German ( PSG ) in the First Round of Champions League and is the leading Top Goal Scorer in Champions League this season.

This Season Cristiano Ronaldo has not been the center of attraction of critics because of his poor performance this season and was not fan favorites for most of the first half of season.

But since his good performance against PSG he gained all the much-needed confidence and is again the Leading Top Goal Scorer of Champions league 2018.

Top Goal Scorer
Ronaldo: Top Goal Scorer in Champions League 2018

How tough is the race for Top Goal Scorer in LaLiga

  • The toughest competition this season for Cristiano Ronaldo is his arch-rival Lionel Messi who has shown great performances in LaLiga and Copa Del Rey.
  • Lionel Messi is the Top Goal Scorer of the LaLiga season 2018/2019 with 21 goals in his telly.
  • Luis Suarez who is Messi’s counterpart in FC Barcelona is standing at the second position.

The Portuguese have scored 10 objectives in his previous six amusements overall rivalries, helping Real Madrid win five of those conflicts.

Ronaldo’s current change in shape has seen him make up for lost time to Messi’s general count for 2017/18, with Ronaldo sitting on 26 strikes while the Argentine has scored 27 times in all rivalries.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been performing well both at Club Level and International level, as he’s the 4th all-time top goal scorer internationally.

In the upcoming friendly International matches, he will surely try to go and grab the third spot on the all-time scorer’s list. Over the years from being a young gun to a more matured player, Cristiano Ronaldo has changed his gameplay and still at the age of 33 he is proving the world to be a lethal striker. This transition should be appreciated as he has realized that he cant do tricks which he used to do and started playing more of a striker.

And Ronaldo’s positioning instinct is one the deadliest thing because of which his goalscoring ratio is way over than many of the young strikers.

Final Outputs:

It is still a long race to go and with Cristiano Ronaldo managing to get his goal scoring form back, we would like to see how Cristiano Ronaldo will silence his critics and how he will manage to go par from his old rival Lionel Messi.

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